MyWellnessBuddy® Portal Terms of Use General Policies and Procedures Guidelines and Security

eSolutions!Healthcare Information Management, Inc (eSHIM) offers our MyWellnessBuddy® Portal (MWB Portal) as a service to our subscribers who wish to take charge of managing their wellness and health, view their health records and communicate with their healthcare providers. Secure messaging can be a valuable communications tool, but has certain risks. By reading and agreeing to abide by the Terms of Use, you accept the risks and agree to follow Terms of Use, as described below.

Click here for a copy of the MWB Portal Terms Of Use.

Terms of Use - General Policies and Procedures

DO NOT use the MWB Portal to communicate (i) an emergency, (ii) an urgent issue or (iii) sensitive information (e.g. HIV, mental health, work-excuses, etc.)

Proper Subject Matter:

• Use the MWB Portal for non-urgent medical questions, lab results, appointment requests, routine follow-up questions, wellness and health self-management, etc.
• Use the MWB Portal to update your demographic information.
• Be sure that all information that you enter is true, accurate, complete, and updated whenever there is a change.
• Be concise when typing a message.
• Direct medication refill requests to your pharmacy.

The MWB Portal has the Following Functions:

• Send and receive e-mail and secure messaging for non-urgent needs.
• View vitals and lab results that have been sent to you by your healthcare providers.
• View and print “continuity of care document”
• View and submit updates to your health information.
• View selected health information (allergies, medications, current problems, past medical history).*
• Request a referral.
• Request an appointment.
• Update your demographic information (i.e. address, phone numbers).
• Send medical records to another provider.
• Receive personalized guidance for your daily nutrition and activity needs.
• Set and monitor personal wellness and health goals.
• View the measurements obtained from your personal health devices.

Communications May Become a Part of Medical Record:

Communications via the MWB Portal may be included in your permanent medical record.
* You can submit changes/additions to your health records, medication lists, etc. to your providers, but this will not change your permanent record without their review of the information.


• The Message Center in the MWB Portal uses “Direct” which is a protocol designed specifically for the secure exchange of health information. We will automatically assign you, your authorized individuals, and member providers' Direct email addresses to facilitate secure communications.
• All messages sent to you in the MWB Portal will be encrypted. See section on “MWB Portal Guidelines and Security” for explanation.
• E-mails from you to any providers should be through the MWB Portal Message Center or they are not secure.
• MWB Portal saves all your personal information encrypted in our secure cloud-based servers.
• All e-mail address lists will be kept confidential and such lists will not be shared with other parties, unless necessary to carry out MWB Portal operations (e.g. perform system upgrades to the Portal) or
required by law.
• A variety of healthcare and administrative personnel (such as nurse practitioners, physician
assistants, registered nurses, certified medical assistants, clerks, etc) may be involved in reading, processing and replying to your messages and information submitted through the MWB Portal. (Similar to how phone communication is handled). Staff members other than your provider may be involved in receiving your messages and routing them to your doctor, a nurse, or the front desk, as necessary.
• There is no need to notify your provider that you have read a message, unless you have a question or need further information.
• Your private health information will be accessed by other individuals you explicitly authorize through the Authorized Individuals function of the MWB Portal. Please make sure that this authorization is given only to individuals you trust with your private health information.
• We maintain a history of access to your health information stored in your MWB Portal that you can view at any time.

Response Time:

• After agreeing to the terms of this agreement to abide by the MWB Portal Terms of Use during the creation of your MWB account, a “welcome message” will be e-mailed to you. This will provide a link to the Portal login screen.
• The MWB Portal service may be interrupted for maintenance, upgrades, or emergency repairs related to events beyond our control. In this respect, you agree not to hold eSHIM in any way liable or responsible to you for any such modification, suspension, or disruption of the MWB Portal.
• Response time to any messages you send from the MWB Message Center to your providers is beyond our control. Please communicate directly with your provider's office regarding any delays in getting responses to your messages.

Changes to these Policies and Procedures:

• Policies and Procedures and Terms of Use may be modified from time to time.
• If material modifications to the Policies and Procedures are made, information will be posted in the MWB Portal notifying you that a material change has been made.
• If you then continue to use the MWB Portal, you will be deemed to have agreed to follow the modified Policies and Procedures.
• If you do not agree with the modified Policies and Procedures, then you must notify us that you no longer wish to use the MWB Portal.

Medical Advice and Information Disclaimer:

Nothing in the MWB Portal is intended to be used for medical diagnosis or treatment.  Any information posted by eSHIM on the MWB Portal should not be considered complete, nor should it be relied on to suggest a course of treatment for a particular individual.  You should always seek the advice of your physician with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition and you should never disregard medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you may have read on the MWB Portal.  When eSHIM posts information provided by a third party, eSHIM will make reasonable efforts to include a notice that such information is authored by a third party and not by eSHIM. Regarding such third-party information, eSHIM does not warrant, either expressly or by implication, the factual accuracy of the information posted, nor does it adopt any statement as its own, or warrant any information offered by the author of said information. Although eSHIM believes all statements made to be reliable and accurate based upon representations made by the authors themselves, eSHIM cannot guarantee that such statements are reliable and accurate and eSHIM accepts no fault or liability for any error or omission with respect to such statements.

Terms of Use - MWB Portal Guidelines and Security

How Secure MWB Portal Works:

The MWB Portal is composed of several web pages that use encryption and other security measures designed to keep unauthorized persons from reading communications, information, or attachments. Your secure messages and information are designed to be read only by someone who knows your login ID and password combination to access your secure MWB Portal site.

Because the connection channel between your computer and the website uses “secure sockets layer” (SSL) technology, you can read or view information on your computer, but it is still encrypted in transmission between the website and your computer.

How to Participate in and Use the MWB Portal:

• Request access from your participating healthcare provider.(To register, you must be at least eighteen (18) years old).
• Go to and click on “Create New Account”. Fill in all the requested information.
• DO NOT share your Login ID and Password with anyone as this will give access to all your private information.
• Review and agree to the MWB Portal Terms of Use by checking the provided check box. Then click Submit.
• After this is completed, you can expect to see a welcome e-mail. In this e-mail you will click on the URL link (web page) and use the previously selected login and password to log into the MWB Portal and start using it.

Available Components:

• Homepage: Allows you to branch to My Nutrition, My Activities, My Goals, My Personal Health Records and My Message Center.
• My Nutrition: Allows you to tell us about any food allergies and currently taken nutritional supplements, select your favorite food items, create recipes, plan nutritionally balanced meals, view your daily energy and nutrient budgets, and get real-time assistance in selecting a balanced meal for immediate consumption.
• My Activities: Allows you to select your favorite activities, report performed activities, and request real-time advice on which activities to perform in order to meet your weight management goals.
• My Goals: Allows you to set wellness and health goals and monitor your progress.
• My Message Center: Allows you to send and receive secure messages to/from your authorized providers. This may include attachments, pictures, or other information. Use of this is very similar to standard e-mail.
• Appointments: Request appointments.
• My Personal Health Records: View information entered into core parts of your electronic health record (e.g. medication lists, allergies, lab results). These are available for you to review and check
for accuracy, as well as print or send to other providers.
• Medical Summary: Contains a list of your current and past medications. Your allergies, immunizations, health issues, surgeries/procedures, and other health information are displayed here.
• Personal Health Devices: Contains a list of your personal health devices such as fitness devices, blood glucose monitors, blood pressure monitors, etc. Measurement data obtained from these devices is charted in the My Stats section.
• My Stats: Allows you to view measurements obtained from your personal health devices.
• Lab/Test Results: Contains copies of selected labs and tests, and any explanations or comments done by your provider. This is a read only area, but if you have questions, you can e-mail your provider in the Message Center section.
• Personal Information: Contains your demographics, insurance and personal contact information.
• Health Document History: If you need to review/print information out of your electronic health
record, this section of the MWB Portal has copies of the summary of your visits to your providers sent by your providers. (If needed, you may obtain a full copy of your electronic health record by contacting your provider’s office).

Protecting Your Private Health Information and Risks:

This method of communication and viewing information through the MWB Portal is designed to prevent unauthorized parties from being able to access or read messages while they are in transmission by using 128 bit encryption. Other security measures protect information maintained within the MWB Portal site. The website for the MWB Portal has a trusted site certificate, which is viewable from your browser’s task bar (You can learn more about trusted sites by going to and searching: “When to trust a website”). Keeping messages secure depends on making sure that only the authorized individual must be able to get access to it. You need to keep track of who has access to your MWB Portal account, so that only you or someone you have authorized can see messages received or other information in your MWB Portal. You should protect your MWB Portal log-in information from anyone whom you do not want to access your MWB Portal account and change your password if you believe that your log-in is no longer confidential. You can change your password by going to My Settings- Change Password section of your MWB portal. We will not send protected health information by regular e-mail. All health related e-mail communication will be done through the secure and encrypted MWB Portal site. Even with these security measures, we cannot guarantee the confidentiality, security or integrity of MWB Portal information. To the fullest extent allowed by law, you agree not to hold eSHIM or any of its staff liable for network infractions beyond its control.