Costs and Limitations

This EHR Module is 2014 Edition compliant and has been certified by Drummond Group, an ONC-ACB in accordance with the applicable certification criteria adopted by the Secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. This certification does not represent an endorsement by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

HIT Vendor: eSolutions! Healthcare Information Management, Inc.
Certified product and version: MyWellnessBuddy® Patient Portal Version 2.0
Certification date: July 16, 2015
Certification: EHR Module (Ambulatory), EHR Module (Inpatient)
Certificate ID No. 07162015-0294-1 Ambulatory
Certificate ID No. 07162015-0295-1 Inpatient
Modules certified : 170.314 (d)(5) (Automatic Log-off); 170.314 (e)(1) (View, Download, and Transmit to 3rd-party); 170.314 (e)(3) (Secure Messaging); 170.314 (g)(1) (Automated numerator recording); 170.314 (g)(4) (Quality Management System), and 170.314(h)(1) (Applicability Statement for Secure Health Transport).

Clinical Quality Measures tested: None
Additional software used: EMR Direct phiMail Server 1.3

This certified product-version may require additional one-time costs if adaptation of our health document analysis software is needed in case the providers’ EHR technology generates clinical documents that do not fully comply with the required HL7 standards. The costs are per engineering hour and the provider will be given an estimate prior to commencement of the adaptation activities. Unsuccessful adaptation due to excessive non-compliance of the provider’s EHR technology vendor with standards mandated by ONC or due to data sharing blocking may be beyond the control of eSolutions! Healthcare Information Management, Inc. (eSolutions!HIM, Inc.) and would not allow utilization of the certified “Transmit to 3rd-party over Direct” functionality of this certified product-version.

This certified product-version will require recurring annual or monthly costs for issuing unique Direct addresses to providers and/or patients if desired by some providers. The costs are in line with industry costs for issuing unique Direct addresses to individuals and organizations. Direct addresses issued by eSolutions! HIM, Inc enable sending and receiving patient protected health information over secure communications channels from and to the provider’s EHR to and from other Direct addresses trusted by our HISP, EMR Direct; including to and from the provider’s patient portal accounts hosted by our certified product-version. Sending protected health information over Direct provides more convenience and security than downloading the health documents to non-secure locations and then uploading them to our patient portal. If providers desire to use Direct addresses issued by 3rd-parties, eSolutions! HIM, Inc cannot guarantee the ability to exchange messages over Direct if eSolutions! HIM, Inc.HISP does not have a trust agreement with these 3rd-parties. Furthermore, Direct addresses issued by eSolutions! HIM, Inc require performing a strict Identity Proofing process and the same Direct address is not allowed to be used by more than 2 Identity-proofed individuals in the same practice. A patient Direct address can be only used by the Identity-proofed patient.

This certified product-version requires interested providers to sign a contract with eSolutions! HIM, Inc. with an obligation to pay per-patient-per-month fees in return for utilizing optional product features that facilitate the delivery and documentation of certain insurance-covered services to the provider’s patients. The per-patient-per-month fee is a percentage of the total fee received by the providers in return for providing these services. There are no additional costs for using these product features and no limit on the number of providers working at the same practice who choose to utilize such optional features. However, providers have a contractual obligation to disclose to eSolutions! HIM, Inc, on a monthly basis, the total number of patients for whom they received reimbursement to pay for the services provided by utilizing our certified product-version. Additionally, reimbursement may be contingent on providers using ONC-certified EHR technology, capable of generating HL7-compliant CCDA documents; such as clinical and referral summaries.